August 3, 2010

Glassed over

I have a mild obsession with glass jars, including those of the mason and cookie variety.  Here are a few DIY projects that have made my DIY wishlist (and oh, that list is getting looong):

Chalkboard and modeling paint frames via Mustard Seed Creations:

Okay, technically a vase isn't a jar, but humor me with this glass etching project using your child's very own artwork via The Long Thread:

And while I probably won't be doing this anytime soon ever, the idea of creating a mason jar chandelier is pretty cool:

I'm self-imposing a ban on going to the craft store before finishing up at least the chair project, but it's not stopping me from taking inventory of all the little glass items I have piling in my basement just waiting for crafty goodness.


hiyaluv said...

i am notorious for starting projects and not finishing them! eek!
smiles, gina

Two Little Tots said...

love glass jars too! i have a cabinet full of them, just so easy and simple!

Mandy England said...

That mason jar chandelier is amazing. . . but what a project! :] I should really take your strategy and focus my attention on one thing. . . I have way to many projects in the works right now. None of them are going to get finished! :]

Into Ablivia said...

Wow- I love the mason jar chandelier! Looks a bit over my head :o)

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I love that pretty chandelier! Quite the project oh and I have tons sitting throughout the house. Nothing like a little procrastination!

SZM said...

love all these idea!