August 2, 2010

In the basement of the Alamo

I was really hoping to share my completion of the refinished chair this week, but that would have required me to, oh, have completed it. 

So until my yellow/gray chair is done, check out this little embellishment I purchased from Mandy's Yellow Corner.  It will look fabulous on a gray sweater, wouldn't you agree?

A while back, I mentioned the craftiness of Mandy (um, this girl can whip up a dress - a DRESS! - out of thin air.  I'm lucky if I can whip up a piece of toast half the time).  

Last weekend, I was beyond thrilled when she asked to feature me and my shop in her Sunday SpotlightCheck out the interview and you'll find out which movie I can recite LINE BY LINE WITHOUT SHAME. 

Here's a hint: "I know you are, but what am I?"  If you're familiar with the movie, I'll see you in the basement of the Alamo.



Unknown said...

ha! I think everyone our age can - such a closeted item, thanks for coming out! lol... and I am SOO with you on the orange tictacs! Great writeup!

hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!

Two Little Tots said...

i had no idea about the tic tacs! that one made me laugh!

what a cute girl that mandy is...going to have to read her blog!

Mandy England said...

Thanks so much Lelan! You're the best :]

Tania said...

love the flower and the roses too! super feature!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I love Mandy's shop...such talent! Whipping up a dress like THAT? Who does that?! Oh, it's probably similar to someone who can also whip up some fabulous, elegant notecards!

hiyaluv said...

Isn't Mandy amazing?! Love her! Love you too:)