June 30, 2011

But it's so shiny

We were all - especially Wavey - appreciative for the generous birthday gifts received from friends and family.  I especially thought this looked like fun...

...until someone quipped, "those will look great inside your vacuum canister."


June 28, 2011

Find the miserable kid

We celebrated Wavey's birthday over the weekend with friends, a bounce house and a slip n' slide.  Three things of note in the photo below:

(1)  Wav had the time of her life, but rounding up children ages six and under for one photo was worse than herding cats.  There are about five kids missing from the photo.

2. Griffin was about three hours past his usual naptime and it shows big time with his miserable pout.  And can we talk about his bird-chest?  I swear that we feed him even though he retains zero body fat.

3.  I absolutely love the company we rented the bounce house from even though Romeo and Juliets' faces has seen better days. Ha!


June 21, 2011


I was on the fence with the appropriatness of Waverly sporting a shirt of her "crush," Justin Bieber.

But then got called out for my own "crush" with friends at a recent New Kids on the Block concert.

PS: I still love Joey Mac.

June 20, 2011

But not after Labor Day

What is more unbeliveable than how many pieces and hours it took to assemble Wavey's birthday present?

...That I'm to believe any normal parent would purchase white pants for their kid in hopes they'll stay clean:


June 17, 2011

Six years old

Happy birthday, Waverly, aka "Wav," "Wavey," and my favorite: "Bun-bun."

We love you!


June 16, 2011

Oh, that's where the magenta went

Because it's impossible to find every renegade crayon left on the floor, my dog picks up where I leave off.

It usually results in a startling but colorful, "what goes in the front comes out the back" moment several hours later.


June 15, 2011

"Your personal opinion is not helpful" award

Dear medical records receptionist,

My insurer and I have been trying to obtain my surgery report from your office for weeks without response or resolution.  So, when I had no choice but to come in and ask for the records in person, your snippy personal opinion of "the insurance company's job is to deny your claim anyway" is:

A) unsolicited,

B) unsubstantiated,


C) still does not explain why you've been sitting on the records request for weeks.

It must be nice to be you, having the super power of knowing my injury and the lone decision authority whether or not you feel like releasing authorized medical records.  You're pure genius and darn lucky my fingers can't be flexed in obscene gesture because they're casted.

Here's my personal opinion, miserable lady: Less talky, more printy. 



June 14, 2011

Choke-hold grad

We're very proud of Waverly, our little kindergarten grad.

After cruising through the photos we took of the day, I noticed a recurring theme going on between her and Griffin:

No lack of sibling love, that's for sure.


June 13, 2011


I have good reason for slacking on the blog these days:

While I'm still able to do lots things with the cast until my wrist recovers from ligament surgery, typing on a keyboard is not really one of them and one- handed typing stiiiinks.  But I have so much to share that I don't care if it takes me all day to pull together one post, so I'm back on the daily train.

Do you like the choice for hot pink? There's little hiding an up-to-your-elbow cast, so I went out big.  But we won't talk about how I've already managed to drop foreign objects into it or crack the cast on one end.  Patient of the year.


June 2, 2011

Cheap = typos

Last year, I said to my husband, " I don't think you should buy a no-name laptop," but he contended it was purely for internet use so it didn't matter. 

This is the message on its screen when the battery was low yesterday:



June 1, 2011

Bridge out ahead

Poor Griffin has been cursed with the Asian trait of having little bridge to his nose.  Though, he's come up with a good solution to keeping sunglasses on his face: