May 31, 2011

One-armed bandit

This is where I've been the past few days...exactly here in this chair and 95% of the time in those same yoga pants:

The ligaments in my wrist were surgically repaired, hopefully closing the long chapter of last year's car accident.  In the meantime, my husband has a lot of opportunities to perfect the perfect pony-tail. 

May 24, 2011

Mischief: That's my policy

It seems as though my insurance agent will never learn that sending me paperwork that requires returning always comes at a price:

He's a nice guy, really, with a great sense of humor.  But I'm sure he's regretting it BIG TIME for selling me coverage (and/or that his photo is readily accesible on his agent web page). 


May 23, 2011

I'm a wiener, you're a wiener

I've always wanted to see the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in person.  And there it was, just hanging out in a Portsmouth, N.H., hotel parking lot with no one around but us!

Making my kids dance in front of the Wienermobile: Just further solidification of my love for hotdogs.


May 20, 2011

Tearing wallpaper wasn't cutting it

Considering we're at the conclusion of Griffin's first diaper-free week, you'd think the greatest tragedies would be numerous loads of laundry or spot-cleaning the couch. But he's actually done quite well, so to make up for the surprise successes he's resorted to just wrecking the bathroom, bit by tiny bit:

Further proof that households with small children never have anything nice.


May 19, 2011

Free DIY Printable: "Don't do that thing"

Inspired by a line I heard in a hilarious TV commercial, sometimes it's just better to just tell it like it is:

I'm all for *real* inspirational quotes, but this line was just too good to let pass by.  Click here to download yours!


May 17, 2011

Stall tactics

It truly is coincidence that I have back-to-back potty-related posts, but we're in the midst of "cold turkey week" of Griffin abandoning diapers and going straight to big boy underwear. 

It hasn't been as bad as one would think...until boredom set in during one potty visit and Griffin decided he didn't care for bathroom wallpaper:


May 16, 2011

Poo stories are always funny

A pregnant friend who works in a corporate office setting gave me permission to share this email she sent me under the strict condition of anonimity.   We've had a long-running joke about the weirdness of an office ladies' room and she had me in tears sharing her recent experience:
"So, it's the rule that when doing something of a number two nature, you’d rather wait until no one is in the restroom.  I’m usually pretty lucky here because it’s mostly men in my office, so the women’s room is usually always empty. But I went in today and there was a woman already in one of the stalls. And I had to go. So I went in, sat down to wait... and it became clear we were in a stand-off. She wasn’t going to go until I left, and I wasn’t going to go until she left. It was deadly quiet and awkward, with neither of us doing anything except sitting and trying not to breathe.

"Who won, you ask? Sadly, she did. Pregnancy lowers my stamina. But I was out of there without seeing her face, so it was almost like I won, too."

Bravo, my friend.  Bravo on your stealth victory.


May 9, 2011

Scalloped, personalized birthday banner

I was asked by a birthday client if I would create a banner for her one-year-old son, and here it is! 

It's my first strung banner and I'm pleased with how it turned out using a shimmering silver scallop design and black/white images of her little one.

It was a little time-intensive handcrafting every scallop and circle, but the end design was worth it. 

Thank goodness her son has a short name, though.  If it was something alpha-hefty like "CHRISTOPHER," I would have thrown in the towel.  Ha ha, kidding!  Email me if you're interested in having a custom banner of your very own.


May 5, 2011

Free DIY printable: Mother's Day gift tags

You know those cute little plants found in the floral aisle of grocery stores?  I think they make great little gifts.

Click here to download free, DIY printable circle gift tags from Good Gravy! The design is double-sided so you can affix each side to a popsicle stick (or use a clothespin like I did because for the life of me I can't find that stinkin' bag of popsicle sticks I bought last week).

Best of all? The gift tags aren't necessarily just for can use them for other women in your life who you recognize on Mother's Day, like aunts, teachers, grandmothers and more.  Enjoy!


May 4, 2011

No tough guy is safe

Innocently placed magazine on coffee table + errant purple marker + sneaky five year old = moths to a flame.


May 2, 2011

It's so fluffy!

If you've ever wondered to yourself, "Who are the the target market nutballs buying cotton candy out of a plastic container?"...

...Hello, it's nice to meet you.