November 29, 2009

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November 25, 2009

An open letter

Dear 10-lb bag of potatoes,

You.  Me.  Tomorrow.  Masher.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving!

Custom Christmas card: Penguins

As we slide quickly into the holiday season, I'd like to share this recent custom Christmas card order which specifically asked for a motif I hadn't considered before: penguins.

I've created cards with snowflakes, Christmas trees, ornaments and more common holiday elements, but never penguins.   But hey, they're cute, cuddly, and there's a penguin representing each grandchild in the client's family.  Winter-y, indeed!

November 24, 2009

Custom table place cards

Last year, a client asked me to create custom place cards for her Thanksgiving Dinner gathering.  Delighted, I design a set for her, she sent me a photo of her table afterward, and we all proceeded through the holidays. 

Imagine my surprise when she recently said, "I need two more," as in she saved last year's a drawer...all neat and put away for the next event!  It hadn't dawned on me until now that her guests usually remain constant (family is always family, after all), so why not keep the existing cards and simply add on when necessary?  Kudos to the well-organized! 

November 23, 2009

Cupcake toppers

I'm pleased to introduce a new Good Gravy! scalloped cupcake topper.  We launched this idea when approached by a client who requested cupcake decor to carry through her ladybug birthday party theme, and voila!  A beautifully tall, double-sided scalloped design set atop a sturdy, crisp white stick.  Cupcakes, unfortunately, not included.

Contact us today if you're interested in having a set custom designed just for you!  Designs can match just about any motif you can dream up.

November 20, 2009

The great tape debate

While there's a lot of craft-happenings going on in the Good Gravy! house, Wavey's recent fascination with tape has been amusing.  While she loves other adhesives like glitter glue, glue sticks and stickers, she has a certain affinity for invisible tape.  A mother shared with me that her daughter of the same age is equally tape-friendly and suggested I buy colored painter's tape to save the paint from peeling off my walls when my back is turned. 

Case in point:

I wasn't quite sure how to react when I stumbled upon this multimedia montage.  I was dismayed to see a page of a book had been torn out (her reasoning was that her little brother had already dismantled the book and she was in no uncertain terms "just using it").  I was also mystified that she felt compelled to adhere a yellow crayon and a pencil to the wall, too. 

Check out the look on Big Bird's face.  I'd bet good money to guess that it was the same look I had when I turned the corner and saw the items quietly mocking me as the tape was eating away at the paint.  On my weekend list: buy painter's tape.  ASAP.

November 19, 2009

Princess tea party invitations

Back in September, Wav hosted her first "very fancy princess tea party" with her six closest friends.  Of course, I had to create formal tea party invitations because what kind of stationery designer would I be if I didn't?

For the record, that's not our actual address listed on the item above (sample modified for privacy).  But living on "Wishing Pond Drive" does have a nice ring to it.

Speaking of little Miss W, check out the insane curls and the mischief in her eyes.  Anyone who knows me personally understands that this child certainly is mine on the inside yet polar opposite on the outside.  How can I refuse hosting another fancy princess tea party from a face like this?

November 18, 2009

Custom Christmas card: Beijing style

When our good friends Elise and Doug told us they were traveling to Asia this past spring for a little work and a lot of vacation, we were jealous... and then even more so when they shared a beautiful panoramic photo of rooftops in The Forbidden City to use for their custom Christmas card.

What I love best about how this design turned out is not only the the arrangement of the image, or the play-on-words with "up on a rooftop reindeer pause...," but rather that Myko - their beloved Siberian husky - "signed" the card.  Myko has amazing penmanship.

November 17, 2009

A nice idea, but not for me.

A few weekends ago, I mentioned that I attended a local craft fair.  Its been brought to my attention that there is confusion as to whether or not I was endorsing the toilet paper hat cover as an item I'd want for myself or possibly already own.

While I don't want to diminish the enthusiastic craftiness of its designer (who is unknown to me), I must point out that NO, I do not own that one, any one or anything decoratively covering extra toilet paper rolls in my home.  Case closed.

November 16, 2009

Tea and cookies with a side of felty goodness

Image source: Jar of Wonder


It's the little things that make us happy around felt food.

I was introduced to Jar of Wonder by a good friend a few weeks ago and bought this cookie and tea set. I think it was the sweet little tea bags that sent me over the edge and helped me decide that it was a perfect holiday gift for Wavey. She's still talks about her tea party from several months ago and is already discussing when we're going to host the "boy tea party," because we've already had the "girl tea party." Sheesh!

November 13, 2009

Get your craft on: Stenciling with freezer paper

Image: How About Orange

How About Orange posted a great tutorial on stenciling with freezer paper which I'm now wanting to try. 

I usually avoid the craft store aisle full of naked little canvas bags that scream, "you know you want to embellish me!"  They often haunt me because the last thing I want to do is go down some crazy Bedazzler path.  Stud and rhinestone setting?  No, thank you.  But stenciling with freezer paper?  I just may be able to handle that.

Speaking of crafts, I'll end this week with this sign Wav made to "remind" her brother that no, he may not touch her arts and crafts box (that's a drawing of Griff on the left, so in case he can't read "no," he can easily identify his face):

November 12, 2009

Holiday baking ideas

In the grand spirit of pretending to be on top of things when it comes to my own personal planning, it is my mission this weekend to start thinking of the numero uno: holiday baked goods.  Because nothing says, "I've thoroughly enjoyed the holidays" like moving up a pants size in my book. 

On the consideration list:

Pie in a jar recipe from  I mean, come on.  Pie?  in a jar?  Packaging kittens in a jar would probably be the only thing capable of surpassing this idea's cuteness.

Black and white biscotti from King Arthur Flour.

Decisions, decisions...

Images from top: lloydandlauren, King Arthur Flour, Bakerella

November 11, 2009

Making a list and checking it twice

Whether you buy from Good Gravy! or anywhere else, December 5 is a pretty decent all-around deadline for ordering holiday corresepondence.

Meanwhile, I've been referencing Real Simple's handy holiday checklist to stay ahead before I get behind.  Can you believe that the holidays are just about here?!

November 10, 2009

Craft fair finds

It's that time of year where the crafty get out and the inspired like me start stocking up for the holidays.  

I admire craft vendors who brave the early morning hours to set-up and greet the hoardes that descend upon them.  Good Gravy! has participated in a few craft fairs and let me tell you: it's not for the weak.  So this year, it was great to be on the other side of the tables cruising through fun finds and meeting great people.

As of fan of stationery and paper goods, I was really excited to see items from The Paper Stork live and in-person at a recent craft fair.  Jessica, the designer, artfully handcrafts paper and layers them together for a one-of-a-kind collage.  I encourage you to check out her designs which are perfect for children's rooms and nurseries.

Speaking of paper goods, I had to take a photo of something I stumbed across at another vendor's table: a little hat for - what else? - your spare toilet paper.  Cracked me right up. 

And while it would have made a really great Yankee Swap gift, I held onto my cash and moved along.

November 9, 2009

He knows if you've been bad or good...

Let's face it: Santa has a real knack for making his handwriting look just like yours. 

Give the big guy a break this year (and hedge off any authenticity questions) with these personalized scalloped gift labels imprinted with the gift recipient's name and Santa's, too. 

Thanks to Jessica for the great idea!

November 6, 2009

Now I know my ABCs

One of our recent additions to the shop is a flat note card design called ABC.  Subtle and kind of quirky, this design has a vintage typewriter feel to it using slate inks on a sparkling ivory cardstock.

November 5, 2009

Wisdom from mom

Included in the pack of vintage greeting cards we picked up last weekend was a funny little birthday card. What I found funny about this card was not the exterior design or printed sentiment inside, but the note the written by the recipient's mother:

"Just a line with love and best wishes for your birthday. I didn't get out to get you anything so am enclosing one dollar. Perhaps you can get a pair of stockings with it. An extra pair usually comes in handy..."

November 4, 2009

Holiday tip: Buy your stamps now!

I hate waiting in long lines, especially those at the post office where time somehow rolls backwards.  So, here's a tip to get a jumpstart on your holiday planning: buy your postage stamps now (and online!) to avoid the holiday rush.  Your sanity will thank you.

November 3, 2009

Vintage child's birthday card

Near our house is a hole-in-the-wall antique store (a description that is nothing short of accurate).  Among the smokiness and the clutter inside is a treasure trove of neat little knick-knacks and other cool finds.  Last weekend, I came across a pack of stationery and greeting cards presumably having all belonged to the same recipient, a mother who kept her correspondence saved together for years and years. 

Among them were birthday cards from 1920s, 30s and 40s, including cards she may have held onto to give with her own the one featured above.  Maybe it's because our Gravy Kid Wavey is also four, but I found this card to be really interesting.  For its time, the card is very intricate with die cutting, multiple colors, shimmery paper, and even a little cut out for a peek-a-boo cat inside:

More photos of my vintage treasure to come.

November 2, 2009

New items debut!

We're pleased to debut new items in the shop today, including holiday cards, address labels, and more!

It is also with great pleasure to welcome several designs from artist Julia Mann of Houston, Texas.  Her unique style is a perfect fit in the Good Gravy family of stationery and her images can be found in both our flat note cards and holiday sections.