November 13, 2009

Get your craft on: Stenciling with freezer paper

Image: How About Orange

How About Orange posted a great tutorial on stenciling with freezer paper which I'm now wanting to try. 

I usually avoid the craft store aisle full of naked little canvas bags that scream, "you know you want to embellish me!"  They often haunt me because the last thing I want to do is go down some crazy Bedazzler path.  Stud and rhinestone setting?  No, thank you.  But stenciling with freezer paper?  I just may be able to handle that.

Speaking of crafts, I'll end this week with this sign Wav made to "remind" her brother that no, he may not touch her arts and crafts box (that's a drawing of Griff on the left, so in case he can't read "no," he can easily identify his face):

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