February 14, 2012

If this continues, we're doomed.

So, speaking of genetics, my children did not understand you have to unwrap a chocolate coin first before eating it.
Childhood mishap or natural selection?


February 13, 2012

She's liking them apples

You know the saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?"  Living proof that Wavey's silliness is from her father's side...

...while her sense of fashion is from mine, as she refused to leave the house for the Daddy-Daughter Sweetheart Dance without her shiny red boots.  

I argued, "They're not exactly fancy like your dress," and she retorted, "Oh, they're fancy alright."  



February 9, 2012

Chocolate dipped oreos cookies

Sometimes, semi-homemade is just as good as slaving in the kitchen:

Super delicious, minimal effort:  Oreos cookies, melted white chocolate chips and sprinkles.  

And, excuse me, but if you're not automatically choosing "Double Stuf" Oreos, we are not friends.


February 8, 2012

"Love is for the birds" DIY Valentine's Day Gift Tag

By popular demand (and thanks for all your kind requests!), I've made the "Love is for the birds" Valentine's Day gift tags a free printable.  

Click here to download your DIY printable copy.  

And don't forget the recipe to create your own birdseed ornament.  I've modified the post a bit to ensure you're aware that the cakes MUST DRY COMPLETELY before packaging.  Otherwise, you'll get a moldy mess.  

Trust me, I speak from experience.


February 1, 2012


This is what happens when you buy an assemble-yourself-bookshelf that comes with styrofoam packaging, and your children have watched way too much Kung Fu Panda:

The best part?  You're only seeing about a quarter of the absolute mess.