April 26, 2010

Shiny new shiner

There's never a dull moment in our house.
Griffin tripped right into the corner of the coffee table yesterday.  We were horrified when he fell because when he hit the table and propelled forward, the corner missed his eye only by about 3/16 of an inch.  It still gives me the willies to look at it, the poor kid.  In typical Griffin fashion, he cried for a bit, dusted himself off, and took off running again. 

We also enjoyed having friends over and Wavey had such a great time hanging out with Abby, her best friend since they were three months old.  They're a hoot together.

The verdict is still out on how much Olivia, Abby's little sister, and Griffin like playing with each other since they still play very independently.  Griffin looks less than thrilled to be around all girls, but the shiner isn't exactly making him a 'looker' to the ladies, either.



Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

Oh goodness. He is precious though!
Mr.C is a rough-and-tumbler as well so we have lots of bumps and bruises weekly.

Two Little Tots said...

Poor little Griffin...he had the day yesterday. Hope the shiner is getting better!

Unknown said...

awww poor little guy! you still have one amazingly adorable family, even with bumps and bruises!

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Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Oh my! Poor little guy...at least he had his three ladies to show him the love (sort of)

Amy said...

Wow! What a close call! Glad to hear the little guy is okay.

I think I would have had a minor breakdown after I realized he was ok!

Into Ablivia said...

Cute pics! The girls are silly together. Livy did give Griff a good hug at the end.

Cherry said...

Now it's my turn to tell you that Blue has the same shirt as Griffin! Yes, I love Target (unfortunately the closest one is 1 hr 15 min away so I don't get there very often). Love the shiner. Blue would have had a bruise to match from hitting his head yesterday, but fortunately he insisted on wearing his helmet all day.