April 23, 2010

Not one purple pair in my closet

Wavey's class has been working on a rainbow theme, and on one project, the kids were asked what certain colors reminded them of.  Some equated the color blue with skies and flowers; or the color red with ladybugs and lollipops.

Never one to be predictable, Wav answered the inquiry as follows:

I mean, doesn't everyone have "pants" come to the forefront of their minds when thinking of things that are purple?



Unknown said...

rofl... how adorable! I, for one, do not own any purple pants, but I can see how that could be fun ;o)

Kim @ Frost Me!

Two Little Tots said...

so cute! i am not a huge purple fan, but because that is the other option a lot of times for clothes...i have to like it a little bit. and i just got mara a purple pair of carpi...yesterday!