February 10, 2010

Smurfs + Chicken

I have a facination with people who put stuffed animals in the back dash of their cars.  Not the kind where it's clear a kid tossed a My Little Pony behind them; I'm referring to the carefully crafted menageries, usually consisting of a row of stuffed bears, unicorns and/or dolls. 

When choosing just the right stuffed animals to feature in the rear-window, what do you imagine is the thought process?  "I'm going to position Mr. Boo-Boo here so he faces outward to the driver behind me, and then they'll be pleased to see my affinity for displaying toys."

Now that I've mentioned it, you'll see these little rear-window stuffed animal scenes EVERYWHERE. 

Meanwhile, I wish I knew the story behind this car's message which I came across in the grocery store parking lot:

In case you can't read it through my dirty windshield, it says, "I {heart} smurfs + chicken."

Weird, yet funny.



Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I've often wondered about this tribe of stuffed animal lovers as well! Too funny!

Into Ablivia said...

Wow- your windshield is dirty!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Holly - it's only because I like to match the interior.

Emily said...

I love seeing random stuff like this. It breaks ya out of the mundane day to day stuff!

I'm with ya with the dirty interior. My car has been dubbed, "The Pre-School mobile". Ha!

Have a lovely day! Those cupcake toppers are soooooooo cute!