February 11, 2010

Fun with finds

I love "fun finds" and the blog world is full of them. I've also been on the receiving end of being named a "fun find" with the freebie Valentine's Day printables, and I'm so grateful for the support. In the vein of returning the "fun find" karma, here are two great things I'd like to share:

I'm a necklace kind of girl. And isn't this necklace I purchased from Stella & Dot over the holidays just lovely? The S&D jewelry is certainly delicious and stylist Jen Schultz is always looking for stylists to join her national crew. Right now, Jen is offering a $15 credit on purchases over $50 when you order directly by emailing her at sodakjen{at}gmail{dot}com.

And, check out this great giveaway from Two Little Tots! Melissa is offering a free crayon roll-up design with free shipping to one lucky winner through her blog.  I can attest that these roll-ups are loved but have caused much stir among the Gravy Kids who insist on pestering each other by mixing up the order of the crayons. 

For the record, the fun finds featured here are generated from the goodness of my little gravy heart and are not paid placements.  Just keeping it straight-laced and sharing the fun.



Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Thanks to your recommendation, I too love Two Little Tots! We got the pencil totes and they are great!

Two Little Tots said...

thanks for the love...you are the BEST!