February 12, 2010

Little sister who?

I caught a bit of flack last week for not featuring any photos of my sister.   This was not intentional, but it's not my fault that there are few photos kicking around of her as a kid.  The perils of being a third- and last-born child, I'm sure.  Being a first-born with mountains of photos, I just cannot relate.  Ha!  So, I present to you my mystery-sister Emily in all her 1980s-era little kid cuteness:
I'm really hoping this was a "quick, smile before you go to Easter services!" photo or else I'll have little explanation for why I'm wearing a huge bow on my way to school.

This was the last day of Emily using a crib.  From the size of her, it was most likely a wise choice because she probably was already climbing out of it since the mattress was set so high.  If you look behind my brother's shoulder, check out the insane amount of bite marks on the railing.  Mmm, lead paint.

We're hanging out with some childhood friends in this photo who often stayed at our house for a few hours after school.  I'm not sure how effective of a stroller-pusher I could have been on those ill-laced rollerskates, but Emily seemed to be enjoying herself.  I, on the other hand, look like a real treat with my tongue sticking out and socks pulled up to my knees.



Into Ablivia said...

Wow! Wave looks a lot like you and your sister. For sure.

ThatsWhatSheSaid said...

So happy I received an acknowledgment, after being totally snubbed a few posts ago. You know I brought so much joy into your life :) So now I'll say thank you. Thank you for this blog post, thank you for making me knock before ever entering MY OWN room, thank you for letting me eat Crisco while hiding myself in the cupboard, and thank you for trying to convince me that I was purchased at a flea market. I hope your readers find the sad, sad humor in this.

Your favorite sibling,


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love those socks and this tribute to your sister!