January 22, 2010

Walking to school...in the snow...uphill...both ways

Can we talk about this a second?


Aside from the hoopla about children handling smartphones (this photo clearly sharing which side of the fence I'm on, but I respect those who disagree), one thing dawned on me: the things I experienced growing up are already so archaic to my kids.  

For example:
  • The TV as they know it has always been able to pause live television and record shows.  It would seem so foreign to them to comprehend how I made my little sister serve as the remote control for our remote control-less TV.  
  • Standing in line to use the pay phone was just something we did if we wanted to talk to our friends or call mom for a ride. 
  • Sometimes we had to purchase paper maps (gasp!) because there wasn't a talking machine on the dashboard telling us where to take turns.
  • In college, I took a course - a real credited course! - called "All About the Internet: Search Engines."  I mean, a whole four hours each week dedicated entirely on how to use an online search engine!  I think I passed with a "B."  But I digress...

All in all, they will find many ways to laugh at me the same way I laugh at my dad for using terms like, "portable computer" when he's referring to a laptop, or when I ask him if he thinks we live in the 1800s after he refers to the living room as "the parlor."

And for the record, Wav adores the "Single Ladies" song, as seen above.  Only she calls it the "sing-a-ling" song.  I won't correct her out of little kid vocabulary just yet.




Two Little Tots said...

oh my gosh...i can't believe...my girls LOVE that song too...sing it all of the time and they sing the right words!!!! can you believe it! and of course i try to figure out the dance moves!!!!!

love it!

Leah said...

I'm loving this too. My 3 year old watches this video and put on her swim suit to look just like them! She even tries out the dance moves (what are kinda sexy) and does them for us! It's so funny. Glad other people let their kids watch it too.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love this! I think her sing-a-ling song is more appropriate then the real title anyway! Also, remember back in the day, when there were arcades? What the heck are those? Have a great weekend!

ThatsWhatSheSaid said...

LOL! ...and I mean it. I just had to explain to my co-workers why I just burst into laughter over Dad calling the living room a "parlor" So happy I was there to experience that one. Oh and what a good little sister I am, changing those channels!

Emily said...

:D Kids have it so easy no-a-days! :D (I feel old)

1. I was at the children's museum and their was a rotary dial telephone on the wall. I told my students that I had one of those when I was a kid. They looked at me like I was a dinosaur.

2. I actually had to use Microfiche to do research projects in college.

3. Mittens came from Mom and Grandma, not from Walmart!

Thanks for jogging my memories of the olden days, also known as the "dark ages". I had a 4 year old tell me that the 1980s were the "dark ages". He! He!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Leah, Jessica and Melissa: I don't know what it is about the "Single Ladies" song that has little girls loving it, but they're hooked! The power of Beyonce.

Emily: Tip of the iceberg.

EmilyRSPS: I pretty much lost it at "dinosaur." Hilarious!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

oh my goodness, I was just talking about my 2 year old's obsession with my iphone, and how i'm so tempted to buy him a used iTouch just so that I can use my own phone when I want to?! He has 17 apps. He's TWO. that SCARES me!! Thanks for the comments, and thank you for the adorable & FREE Valentine's kits! :)