January 21, 2010

DIY Valentine's Day package

I mentioned earlier this week that I'm always wholly unprepared for Valentine's Day despite any faux ramp-up, and this year is not unlike any other.  I'm already saying to myself, "Yeah, I have about three weeks.  Plenty of time to be ready for Valentine's Day this year!"

Don't let my love for chalky little conversation hearts fool you. 

But, to get you in the craft mood, I'm pleased to offer another Valentine's Day DIY printable: a little gift package!  Okay, so it's loosely based on a French fries box.  But really, it's adorable and I promise your friends will be thrilled by your craftiness and it'll only take between five and 10 minutes to cut and assemble.

Print the file on heavy white paper and cut along the edges:

Use a bone fold or butter knife to create a crease along the edges where the bright and soft pink colors meet:

Gently fold along creased lines:

Bend the back of the box upward:

Secure the wrap around flaps with adhesive (I used double-sided tape):



Two Little Tots said...

thank you...need to work on that little good heart basket and these will be perfect!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

i meant to leave you a comment letting you know i'd be linking up ... thank YOU for the cute ideas!! i have a {wild!}curly maned little cutie of my own - yours is precious! Happy V-day! :)

Kat, Designs by Kat said...

I love it, going to try it out this afternoon. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love these - would you use heavy cardstock? Wonder if I'm up to print off 22? Maybe I'll start with one...

Unknown said...

These are very cute! Thanks for sharing! i love how they look like french fry boxes! What kid won't love that!!!

I would love to link to these on my blog for a v-day post...sometime soon...if you don't mind.

Please let me know at simplydesigning@gmail.com if you don't want me to feature your design (a link and credit will go to you of course!)

Also, be sure to check it out at simplydesigning.blogspot.com

And feel free to grab an "I've been featured button" if you like!


Northeast Rant said...

Jessica - Yes, use heavy cardstock! As for 22...you're ambitious! :)

flowerdisco said...

this is really cute..thanks for the printable ;p

nativetexangirl said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is an adorable way to share a gift on Valentine Day!

Mika said...

I just thought this was great!

I have featured it on my 5 Great Finds @ Juggling Motherhood.