December 10, 2009

Who has nicer nails? Me or my preschooler?

Okay, so Barbie offers everything.  I get it.  A beach house, a vet table thing, I could go on.  But I was pretty floored when I opened the weekly toy store circular and saw that it's a whopping $149.99.  Um, does Barbie understand how many real manicures I can get for $149, not to mention at the MSRP of $179?!    Not happening, Barbie.  Just not happening.


Anonymous said...

I love it Lelan! Riley saw this same thing and asked what it was. I was shocked! How early are we striving to create the young divas in our lives? Luckily, she had no's just that darn Barbie head that draws them in!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

I agree! The Barbie merchandising is like moths to a flame.