December 9, 2009

Strictly for my ninjas

I recently bought an iPhone and I have to admit, I like it.  Though, I haven't been exactly thrilled with the network, but it works for what I need.  One of the things the phone does is search for local wireless signals and sends an alert as to what's available.  Depending on where I am, it usually says something like "house network" or "my computer network..." or basic, generic names people give their wireless routers when setting them up.  I usually don't think twice to the names, but not yesterday. 

The wireless signal I was picking up in one neighborhood was named "ninja explosion."  Ha!

Later in the day, I bought an external hard drive to back up some files.  There were various how-to's and other instructions inside the box, but this took the hilarity cake and simply topped the ninja explosion (in just four easy steps!):

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