August 3, 2011

The August Grinch

I have some choice words for my discovery of Christmas items in the craft store yesterday...

...none of which are very nice because it's only August for crying outloud, and especially for this DIY doll, "Jingles the Sock Monkey." 

Button eyes = not right, folks.  Just not right.



Mandy England said...

They put the Christmas decorations up in our Hobby Lobby at the very beginning of July... I want to know who the heck is shopping for Christmas decorations in July.
And that sock monkey is ridiculously creepy... I think it's the elf ears.

Two Little Tots said...

so wrong. i saw halloween stuff last week and i could not even look at one thing of it. what is this retail world coming to?

HiLLjO said...

SO wrong because you should only look at sock monkeys I make.
With embroidered eyes... lol!

Nicole said...

My four year old twins walked by the dollar store window full of Christmas wrapping paper and one said "Mom they're silly, Christmas doesn't come next" least my kids know their holidays in order!