June 13, 2011


I have good reason for slacking on the blog these days:

While I'm still able to do lots things with the cast until my wrist recovers from ligament surgery, typing on a keyboard is not really one of them and one- handed typing stiiiinks.  But I have so much to share that I don't care if it takes me all day to pull together one post, so I'm back on the daily train.

Do you like the choice for hot pink? There's little hiding an up-to-your-elbow cast, so I went out big.  But we won't talk about how I've already managed to drop foreign objects into it or crack the cast on one end.  Patient of the year.



SZM said...

The only way I would like that pink cast any more than I do is if it had Hello Kitty on it ;-)

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love the cast - and you're easy to spot, even in TJ's! ;) Enjoy your "maternity leave" (sans kiddos) my friend!

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

Good Lord~ you cracked it?
I had a hot pink cast just like this one... in third grade :)

Shannon Gish said...

OMGoodnes! Love the pink, but so sorry you in that cast. Here's to a speedy recovery.