December 1, 2010

DIY holiday pillows

I have an insane amount of wool felt leftover from my DIY looped holiday wreath, so when I came across pre-made brown pillows, I couldn't resist this no-sew idea.

Here's what you'll need:

+ Tell your husband you're going to Target just to buy toothpaste but then come out of the store a few bucks lighter because you found these great brown pillows at $3.50 each.

+ Iron-on adhesive paper (I used Heat N Bond)

+ Wool felt, or other fabric is fine

+ Glue stick, scissors

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

First, iron on the adhesive paper to the back side of your fabric.  Then, you can draw your pattern right onto it:

For lettering, I printed out the word "merry" in reverse and then glued it to the top of the adhesive paper so I could cut around it:

Cut out all your shapes (as seen below), remove the adhesive paper and then iron directly onto your pillow.  I skipped the part of showing you the ironing because if you're unclear on how to iron, you probably shouldn't be using scissors.

 Instant festivity in under an hour.



Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

Now this is something I can do!

Sara D. said...

LOVE it. You know, I bought some bright pillows from WalMart, like 2years ago, with the thought of putting my daughter's first letters on them. Never. Got. Around. To. It.

But now, I am inspired!!!!!

LeighAnne said...

SERIOUSLY? $3.50? I will have to get over the shock of that amazing bargain before I can process the actual craft instructions..... lol

I salute you, shopping warrior. :D

Sara said...

blame the Target bill on all the diapers you needed to purchase since you lost them in the accident :)

Emily said...

What!? What a great idea! :D :D :D Thanks so much!!!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

you had me a 'no sew'.
LOVE it!!

Sarah @ The Doormouse House said...

LOVE IT! Also, I have to agree: Target (and Hobby Lobby for me personally) = money-eating black holes.

Em {Emerging Em} said...

Those pillows are soooo adorable! :) And I can spend a lot of money in Target....