July 23, 2010

Get the sillies out

There are two things happening here:

A) Wavey has reached a stage where she can no longer produce a natural smile when my camera is out.  For others?  Yes.  Me?  Not so much.

B) Those things on her wrist are Silly Bandz. They have served as a rapid reminder that I have become my own parents with my nose turned up at this crazy fad, much like they did with my jelly shoes, jelly bracelets and doubled-scrunchy socks.

Ah, doubled-up socks...those were the days.



Unknown said...

love the pic! The bands I have yet to figure out, as well... but I am with you, double scruchy socks lead to the most coordinated outfit - and most likely served for a haven for those with cankles...

hugs! Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
party inspiration

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

luckily, my little ones don't care about the silly bandz. I think they are secretly waiting until the 'next big thing' to go nutso over - to really make me crazy :)

And the smiling thing..my son is the same way. Silly kids!!

Your daughter is adorable (natural smile or not)

Fer said...

Oh my, oh my... my daughter would not leave the house without her sillies,thank got we are out of the country and she is into "new things" for now.

Mandy England said...

Hehe, I LOVE the silly bands! When the hubs and I taught Sunday School in Tallahassee, some of our kiddos gave us a few of their bands with the reassurance that "now your cool" :]

Christina said...

Jelly shoes! I've noticed they are back in style for the younger set. I would love to have a "modern" pair in my size.

Into Ablivia said...

Don't forget leg warmers, friendship bracelets and Guess acid wash jeans that cost $75 a pair! My parents never understood those things either.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

We remember those days fondly!

Two Little Tots said...

oh, so funny! and those silly bandz i am sure will make their way to my house soon!

Em {Emerging Em} said...

Oh my gosh - jelly shoes! I used to love mine!

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Elisabeth Spivey said...

Found you through Mandy Yellow Corner! Cuuute stuff! I'll have to browse around your shop!

That is a darling picture! My kiddos like silly band too!

Come have a peek at my blog if you'd like!


Sara D. said...

We are all over the silly bandz...and as my parents are cleaning out their attic, I should be receiving my LARGE collection of Garbage Pail Kids, anyday. Will I still think they are cool?