May 24, 2010

Weed farmers

We're so close to being done with the house painting.  The trim is just about finished and there's a little left down around the back, but hopefully it'll all be done by the end of this week. 

Which then leads me to my next issue: the severe neglect to the front yard.

We've been putting off any work on the front yard because we knew the painters would trample through it, so it was pointless to try.  But now that the exterior is shaping up, we need to shape up the garden!

You can probably guess what we'll be doing this upcoming weekend.



Unknown said...

omg! The house looks FANTASTIC! ...and we have been doing yard work for days and it doesn't seem to be any closer to done lol... I suggest bleach or fire, that is my new strategy!

hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Hopefully you'll have 3 days to do your weeding and have a little fun too!

Into Ablivia said...

Wow! The house looks great- love the blue. We have a few extra hostas over here if you want we can dig them up- they come up every year, but don't require much work!

Anonymous said...

Love that paint color!!

We bought our house last May and just last month ripped out the sorry excuse for front landscaping and redid it all in a weekend. Now I get the fun job of just adding a little more color here and there. ;)

Two Little Tots said...

the house is looking great! and the yard never ends does it! enjoy the weeding!

Silver Strands said...

I absolutely LOVE the color you've chosen for your home.

Weeding is probably my least favorite thing to do, hands down. That's why I make my kids do it ;)

Great post, and I love your blog! I'm excited to keep reading!