May 7, 2010

ABCs and suppressed keychain nightmares

I'm a fan of any alphabet theme and was excited when a client asked me to create a custom ABC print and tie in her new nephew's crib bedding:

Paint-Me-A-Picture also features great personalized, hand-painted ABC artwork which would be fantastic in any child's room (and more affordable than prints from the big stores):

Having an unusual name myself, I've always appreciated personalized items because I was always that sad little kid at the mall keychain kiosks who could never come to terms with being forced to purchase "Lee." But I digress...



Unknown said...

I love it! it came out adorable! I have a common name but always wanted a unique one - my fiance' is rooting for Poptart if we have a girl in a few years... I am not so sold on that one rofl

Kim @ Frost Me!

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

I WANT that print-you know, with my kids name.
I can relate in sorts to no key chains/cups/etc. with my names spelled correctly.

Thanks for showing off my ABCs.

Two Little Tots said...

LOVE that print! I am really trying to find some new things for the girls room...and I am not finding a lot at a good price.

And I am sure they will feel the same Kaylin & Mara keychains I am sure of it!

Into Ablivia said...

Lee, hmmmm I don't think you are a Lee.