April 19, 2010

44 + $200 = best birthday ever

Wavey drew me a nice picture at school for my birthday on Friday.

She couldn't remember how old I was but knew it was the same digit twice, so she guessed the following:

Not that there's anything wrong with being 44, but I would have preferred 22!  At least I'm aging phenomenally well, according to this picture.

PS: I went out to dinner with my husband on Friday night and we were pulled over for speeding.  The officer let us off with just a warning, or else it would have been a $200 ticket!  THAT was a birthday present, to say the least!


Unknown said...

that's fantastic! I love it! and I'd agree the warning was a fantastic present ;o)

Kim @ Frost Me!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

love it!! I'm a sucker for cute kid art.
Happy Belated 22nd ;)

Two Little Tots said...

so cute...i love kids art work. and happy belated birthday! i hope you had a wonderful one...sorry i missed it!