March 4, 2010

Wedding invitations: Classics for the untraditional

I recently completed two wedding invitation projects.   I can't believe it's that time of year already.  Winter is usually a small repreive but as soon as the New Year hits, brides come out of the woodwork gearing up for their spring, summer and fall weddings.

The project shown above was unusual not in design, but because it I worked directly with the sister-of-the-groom to create an invitation for a secondary wedding ceremony her family was hosting for her brother and his bride.  

The invitation used navy and gold inks with a striped motif and was mounted to a shimmering gold mat.  I also imprinted the names of the recipients directly onto the envelopes...a new service I've recently offered and may expand to the everyday stationery line.  I really like how it all turned out, but it was unusual for me to complete a wedding invitation suite without ever speaking to the bride or groom!

The second project was for a small wedding to be held in a historic courthouse in California.  It was explained to me that the bride and groom have been dating for years and never had intentions of getting hitched, but when they researched qualifications for domestic partnership status, it became apparent that it was easier to just elope. 

They couple requested a simple, classic invitation design using a cream and black color motif.  This photo doesn't do it justice, but the shimmering black mat gives the invitation just a smidge of "yeah, that's right, we're getting married" without being too wedding-y.

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Two Little Tots said...

weddings are so much fun! love these simple designs.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

These are so elegant and pretty. I love them - great work, as always Good Gravy!