March 11, 2010

Baby's First Air Horn and other gift ideas

My little buddy-boy Griffin turns two in two weeks.  Two!  I don't have anything big planned.  Scratch that - I don't have anything planned at all (yet). 

Don't get me wrong, among our family we'll still have cake, sing "Happy Birthday" and open presents, but that's where I'm already falling short: presents.  I mean, anyone who has seen my house know that my children do not lack toys.  I still get grief about how before I had kids, I proudly exclaimed, "I'll never be one of THOSE people who have their house overrun with toys!"  Fast forward five, not so much.

In any case, Griffin still deserves a present on his birthday and we will happily find one.  Question is: what to get?!  He's in that strange in-between stage of toys where they're either too over-the-top for his age or so clearly baby toys.  Here's the criteria:
  • I'm not a fan of battery-powered anything
  • He likes books, but finds tearing them apart much more fun
  • We have enough Matchbox cars to replicate a stadium parking lot in our backyard
  • Quiet = good.  My friend Beth has a knack of always finding the loudest toys for my kids which is an indirect 'ha-ha' towards me in her futile attempts to shatter my sanity (I'm keeping track, Beth.  Just wait until you have kids and I find "Baby's First Air Horn" to present your future children)
Any toy advice is welcome! 



Unknown said...

I guess it's too early to think about getting a sprinkler for the backyard (come on warm weather!) I'd suggest felt play food - fun now and in 2 years - lots on Etsy

Kim @
party inspiration

Into Ablivia said...

I say don't get him anyting as he won't even know what he is missing! Like you we have enough "stuff" or "crap" whatever way you want to look at it. For Livy's b-day who also turned 2 recently I let her older sister pick out one of those touch and feel books and wrap it for her so she felt good about giving a gift. Besides that we did not get her anything-just cupcakes, ice cream and family.

Into Ablivia said...

Oh I forgot- when you find the 1st air horn baby toy let me know- I owe a few people who now have kids or will be soon! payback is a ............

Alayna's Creations said...

I'm trying to remember what we got my son last year...hmm...mommy brain strikes again.
My go to things that are always good to have more of include books, puzzles, games, art/craft stuff, and movies. Or what about dress up? My 3 year old loves fireman and cowboy stuff.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I always go for outside stuff - it helps the kids look forward to the warmer days. It's never to early to start!

Two Little Tots said...

some outside toys i would go with. we got the girls their bitty babies last year, so i am not a lot of help in the boy toy department...sorry, i wish i was.

bath tub toys are always good to...throw out the old and get some fresh ones...or art stuff...basics..crayons, coloring books, glue stick, stickers.

Cherry said...

Blue's favorite toy from his 2nd birthday a couple months ago was a big blue bouncy ball with water and sparkles inside. Except he calls the sparkles "freckles"! He even sleeps with it. It is not loud, but it can be destructive if your boy has any inkling to huck it like mine does. Another toy we got him was a cheap journal from Target's dollar spot. He has scribbled all over the cover and ripped out several pages, but at least he's not doing that to my $300 nursing books! Oh, and another favorite are these coasters in a bunch of colors that we use to quiz him on his colors. He could do that for hours. Let me know if you need anymore suggestions!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Thanks everyone for your great advice! I'll keep you posted on what we land on. :)

Christina said...

Melissa and Doug make a nice wooden toolbox that I wish I had gotten earlier, it would have been perfect at 2.

In our house, trains were a big deal at 2 especially one cheeky little engine that's blue. Right now, not so much (closing in on 4) but I expect we will be back into trains when little brother starts to like them.

Emily said...

I'm a big fan of Melissa and Doug stuff! Tons of cool toys for a wide range of ages! I sound like a commercial! Here is a link to a cool monster bowling thing!

My nieces and nephews have a ton of this stuff and they never seam to tire of it!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Ah yes, anything by Melissa and Doug is a good stand-by toy!

Elise Ludgin said...

I'd go with this! Noah has it and loves it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's too late, but just in case, reading your post reminded (sorry, I'm a little behind!) me of this... of course some of these would be TOTALLY inappropriate for a 2 year old but still some good inspiration! It's one of my favorite blogs, check it out and good luck!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Elise, love that Radio Flyer ride-on, but he already has a wooden version of it...and hates it. Seriously, I can't win for trying. But can we talk about the look on the kid's face on that FAO link? She looks hungry.

Kerri, I like your suggestion for the simple toys. It's in-line with Holly's suggestion above about not really needing "stuff." I think I'll make up something similar to your suggestion and pair it with a "standard" toy. :) Thanks!