February 4, 2010

From the archives

I rummaged through some old photo albums to share a few gems from my early childhood which straddled the late 1970s into the 1980s.  Ready?  Ready!

I like how my brother is in some medieval contraption we used to call a "walker." And see that yellow laundry basket I'm sitting in?  I STILL OWN IT.  The basket is probably chock-full of lead, mercury and BPA to remain as durable today as it did in 1980.

I'm about two and a half years old in this photo.  Maybe my cheeks had some sort of magical static electric pull to make my brother's hair stand up like that?

I was on the fence about sharing this photo (I'm about eight years old) because of my insanely bad mouse-teeth.  But then I realized that it's because of them that I think this photo is so funny.  Good lord, my teeth were atrocious!  Thanks to great orthodontic work, I've been mouse-teeth-free since 1992.  I wish I could report similar good news about the improvement of my hairstyle, but at least I'm not sporting massive round fabric clips anymore.



Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I love it! That walker looks crazy and the fact that you still own the banana yellow basket is a riot!

Two Little Tots said...

love the fact you still have the yellow basket...they just don't make things the way they use to!

and the pictures...funny! now you have to post some of the kids to see who looks like you!

Into Ablivia said...

OMG the middle photo looks just like Wavey! Holy cow. I thought is was her when I took a quick glance.