February 17, 2010

Art or crime scene? You decide.

The Gravy Kids' great-grandfather turns 90 this week and we wanted to give him something special from the kids.  I had seen a project a while ago which shared how using ModPodge and tissue paper on canvas created really great texture.  That is, "great texture" at the expense of my sanity.  File this one under "never again."

First, I gathered my materials:

Next, I slathered MP on the canvas first and then put the tissue on top, coating it once again:

What you won't see next is the part where the dye on the tissue bled EVERYWHERE.  I was getting pretty frustrated, especially when this kept happening, too:

Once it was dried, I was disenchanted by the whole "great texture" which just looked like a giant mistake in my book.  But, I carried on and had the kids put red paint on one hand to stamp the canvas.  I'm usually a fan of high-contrast colors like the bright blue and red, but I thought that it all turned out somewhat gruesome looking:

Poppy will still love it.



Two Little Tots said...

i think it looks great...and a good idea...i have a love/hate relationship with mod podge!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

It looks cute and made with love! I agree you need to label that red, "blood red" though!

Emily said...

What a great idea! Love reading your blog!

In High School I used Mod podge to cover an old army trunk of my Grandfather's. I put photos of cute guys, words, and other stuff from magazines. Well, my brother still has it and hasn't bothered to cover it or paint it. Its in my 3 year old nieces room. Weird.