January 29, 2010

Why be standard when you can be giant?

Earlier this week, it seemed as though a friend of mine needed a pick-me-up. 

Being the jokey-jokester that I am, of course I couldn't just surprise her with something *normal* like cookies or offering to grab a delicious hot coffee.  Instead, I opted to give her a giant gummy bear on a stick. 

I wasn't even sure if she liked gummy bears, but I couldn't resist presenting any item that's proudly touted as "90 times the size of a standard gummy bear."  Who knew there were standards?  As if someone on an esteemed International Gummy Bear Council has power over what is deemed an appropriately sized gummy bear.

Let's say there was a Gummy Bear Council.  Would there be other councils, too? Would there be industry rumors swirling saying, "I hear the worms are down in size by 25% and contain 10% less gummy..."?

(Image source: vat19.com)


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

You are a jokester Lelan and I just bet you made your friend smile (with globs of gummy in her teeth, of course!)

Beth said...

We're glad you like the Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick and that it could cheer someone up! If your friend ever needs a really really big pick-me-up, we also have a 5-pound World's Largest Gummy Bear. (seriously!)

Anonymous said...

Cute! This would be a majorly fun V-day gift!

ThatsWhatSheSaid said...

I'm so happy your gift came through, because let me tell you...Nothing is more awkward than opening a package and finding a 1 pound SLAB of gummy. I guess shipping across the U.S. can do that to a bear sometimes.