January 8, 2010

Two Little Tots logo design

I'm super-excited to share that Melissa at Two Little Tots chose this logo design among the few I presented for her ridiculously cute shop.  Through the process, we've developed a wonderful friendship and while she's a Midwest girl and I'm a New-Englander-by-way-of-California, we've found that we have so much in common in work, family, and parenting.  The blog world is a small world, indeed.

What we do not have in common is sewing.  Melissa = amazing.  Me = not so much.  I'll stick with paper products, thank you.

PS: Don't forget to enter the Good Gravy! personalized stationery giveaway!  Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Two Little Tots said...

thank you! i just love my new logo design and can't wait to get the tags printed on some kraft paper...that is on next week's list of to do with no kids!