January 19, 2010

Free printable gift tags

I always have these lofty dreams around this time of year that I'll make all kinds of special edible goodies for Valentine's Day, but I usually fall short.  On the evening before, I find myself either baking no-brainer slice-and-bake cookies or being really desperate and running to the market about 10 minutes before closing to buy sad, tasteless mini cupcakes.  You know, those cheapy one-biters?  There's always a million left on the shelves because folks know better than to eat them. Sigh...

But if you're a better planner than me (and you probably are), I've designed print-your-own Valentine's Day gift tags to top off your little homemade goodies.  What's more, they're offered in three different tiers based on your level of affection: 

+ Nothing beats true love
+ Let's hold hands
+ We're more like brother and sister (a personal favorite)

For example, you probably don't hold the same level of affection for that guy Bob over in Accounting as you do your spouse, and it's in nobody's best interest for Bob to get the wrong idea with an "I choo-choo-choose you" gift tag.  I'm just trying to help.


PS: Be sure to enter the Thirty Handmade Days giveaway of Good Gravy! stationery.  Contest ends Thursday.  Good luck!


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

These are adorable! Thanks Lelan! Oh, and I'm the other mama who is buying those horrible cupcakes...

Alana said...

lovely! just stumbled across your blog via tinysprouts.... and these tags will go perfectly around the packages of sweet treats i plan to make for all my valentines! thank you!

Unknown said...

These are very cute! Thanks for sharing!

I would love to link to these on my blog for a v-day post...sometime soon...if you don't mind.

Please let me know at simplydesigning@gmail.com if you don't want me to feature your design (a link and credit will go to you of course!)

Also, be sure to check it out at simplydesigning.blogspot.com

And feel free to grab an "I've been featured button" if you like!


Suzanne said...

These are really cute - and I love how witty they are! I know the perfect person for the - "don't read to much into this!"

Thanks for sharing!

DollFace Delights said...

So, Glad I came across these!!

Unknown said...

love 'em. THANKS!

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