January 26, 2010


Dear local medical professionals,

Hi, it's me.  You know, the woman who visits so often that you ask me each time if I work in your network?  I knew that would jog your memory. 

Well, it's been a whopping 30 days since our last visit so it was only a matter of time before we crossed paths again.  As you know, my family likes alternate monthly injuries and illnesses.  In October, I paid a pricey ER visit for an ocular migraine.  In November, we needed your help removing a deer tick tucked behind Griffin's ear (yuck, yuck and yuck).  Then in December, Wavey had pneumonia, and now here we are: January. 

Griffin decided we needed to bust into that shiny new medical deductible to kickoff the new year, and he did it with style by falling down five steps face-first.  One second: walking upright.  The next second: face on the hardwood.  It's horrifically true what they say about turning your attention away for a split second right before something goes wrong. 

I'm thankful you assessed the tumble as not being too serious despite his bumps, continual nose bleeds and what will most likely result in two black eyes.  My little bruiser.

I continue to stand by my suggestion that you should offer a "frequent patient card," where every fifth visit earns me a free sub, or something along those lines. Come on, kids...mommy loves turkey and swiss! 

Medical staff, I hope not to see you soon.




Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Poor Griffin...and poor YOU! What a way to start of 2010 and your week! Hope he's feeling better soon, that mama can calm down and the very LAST trip to the ER!

Two Little Tots said...

poor little Griffin! i feel so bad for you the both of you...those ER co-pays are not cheap! hope he is feeling better today!