December 28, 2009

A very un-merry ER visit

Well, it was an eventful Christmas Day to say the least. After we opened gifts in the morning, Wavey took a really bad turn so I took her to the ER.  After three failed IV attempts to get her hydrated, a number of blood tests and a chest x-ray, her flu culture came back negative, but she tested positive for pneumonia.  They gave her a super-shot of antibiotics and by the next day when we followed-up, she was feeling 1000% better:

She's still convinced it was "the best Christmas ever" because Santa loaded her up with gifts which is good, all things considered. 

There was a moment of awkwardness the first ER visit when the nurse asked me if I worked in the hospital because I looked very familiar.  I responded, "Sadly, you just recognize me because my kids have a propensity to be sick on weekends and holidays." 

We practically deserve a "Visit 10 times, get your 11th visit free!" card.

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Two Little Tots said...

what a bummer, hope she is feeling better!