December 17, 2009

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

We waited WAY too long to get our Christmas tree and the result: the weensiest tree ever is now in our home.  To give you some perspective:
  • The tree only took one (one!!) measly string of lights.
  • Only about 45% of the available ornaments were used because of lack of branches.
  • It's so little, I could probably easily lift it with one hand including the metal stand
  • Wavey could practically touch the top if she raised both arms
  • What you don't see behind Wav is a giant gap where it's all trunk, no branches.  I can put my head in the space and be far from the touch of any branches, it's that massive (and so is my noggin).

Sigh... It's so wee that it's laughable.  And we're laughing. 

In other news, Wavey woke up screaming the other night.  Her nightmare? "I was put on the naughty list!" she cried. 

A funny story now, but not-so-funny at 3:30 a.m.

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Two Little Tots said...

cute least you can laugh about it!