January 31, 2009

The formula for storage

Griffin, the littlest of the Gravy Kids, is wrapping up his need for baby formula as he soon will turn one year old. This is much to our relief because heaven knows how pricey those little cans of formula can be. For a while, the empty cans were building up to be sent for recycling, but then it was realized how handy they can be for a variety of storage. So, we got our craft on:

We weren't consistent on brand over the past year, so the cans delightfully varied in size.

Using a precision knife, slice through the label and peel carefully. You'll want to try to retain the label in one piece.

Voila! One naked can and one label to use as your pattern.

Choosing a paper with a somewhat busy pattern is very forgiving in terms of final alignment. We decided on a lovely double-sided gift wrap.

Using the label as your pattern, cut the paper to size.

Adhere glue to the sides of the can and to the interior of the paper which will not be seen. Then, carefully wrap the paper around the can. Use an elastic band to hold in place while drying, if necessary.

In about five minutes, you'll have a new, pretty little storage can.

Thanks to the double-sided gift wrap, we now have a complete set!