August 16, 2011


I'm what you'd call an "accidental gardener." 

As in, I-threw-a-sorry-little-zucchini-plant-into-my-yard,-walked-away-for-a-while,-and-came-home-to-these-beasts:

Toy cow delicately positioned for comical scale.



michelle @ this little light said...

Good for you! All I've seen lately on some yummy blogs I follow are zucchini recipes, so you're in luck. Bon appetit!

Kat said...

Fun! Love the toy cow for scale, too cute! Enjoy your new fresh vegetables!

HiLLjO™ said...

Not fair! By accident?!
All the effing stink bugs ate our zucchini this year!

Into Ablivia said...

Nice! We have zuke coming out of our ears over here. I have grilled it, made bread, shredded it and frozen it for later and just made zuke cupcakes!

Into Ablivia said...

oh one more thing- zuke relish!

Candace McClintick said...

yum! good job! somehow i missed these in my garden this year!