April 8, 2010

Handcuffs and calendars

Earlier this week, my husband and I checked out a fixer-upper in the area.  We're not looking to move out of our own home, but the price on the listed house seemed remarkably low so we were interested in getting some details in case there was an opportunity to explore.

Let's just say that I'm still trying to literally wash my hands clean of that place.

The property is currently rented and hasn't been owner-occupied for nearly three years.  Aside from the massive amount of structural work needed, here are the highlights of what we experienced: 
  • We walked into the house and instantly discovered that every room was transformed into squatter-esque dormitory living, sheets were used for doors and makeshift beds were everywhere.
  • The smell of mildew and gym socks permeated the house.
  • A pair of handcuffs hung above an unmade bed set in the dining room.
  • A pair of underwear greeted us hanging on another wall.
  • The agent pleaded with us not to take a look in the bathroom because the toilet was broken but it was grossly apparent that the tenants did not mind.
  • Calendars of women peppered each room with handwritten notes scrawled across them that read, "I love you," and "I think you're hot."
And then there was this calendar which was so clearly out of place and the agent totally caught me trying to take a picture.  After everything that seared our innocent little house hunting eyes, this was our moment of funny:

We felt bad for the listing agent; he seemed defeated from the get-go.  Maybe the baby calendar can cheer him up.



Kim @ Frost Me! said...

OMG! What a hot mess! The handcuffs and underwear are cracking me up... what a selling feature! ;o)

Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
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Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Hahaha. {Fun} adventure.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Yikes...creepy is a great word for this disaster. Maybe next time? Thank you for sharing this funny story with us!

Katie said...

O. EM. GEE. That's terrible!!

EmilyRSPS said...

The title of this post made me laugh way before I even read the rest of the post!

I feel sorry for real estate agents lately. In this economy there has been some real "interesting" properties out there!

You are too funny!