November 20, 2009

The great tape debate

While there's a lot of craft-happenings going on in the Good Gravy! house, Wavey's recent fascination with tape has been amusing.  While she loves other adhesives like glitter glue, glue sticks and stickers, she has a certain affinity for invisible tape.  A mother shared with me that her daughter of the same age is equally tape-friendly and suggested I buy colored painter's tape to save the paint from peeling off my walls when my back is turned. 

Case in point:

I wasn't quite sure how to react when I stumbled upon this multimedia montage.  I was dismayed to see a page of a book had been torn out (her reasoning was that her little brother had already dismantled the book and she was in no uncertain terms "just using it").  I was also mystified that she felt compelled to adhere a yellow crayon and a pencil to the wall, too. 

Check out the look on Big Bird's face.  I'd bet good money to guess that it was the same look I had when I turned the corner and saw the items quietly mocking me as the tape was eating away at the paint.  On my weekend list: buy painter's tape.  ASAP.

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